CommandLine edump for Windows has been developed

We received a request for developing a command line version for edump a long time ago. so we’ve developed and provided it already.

When you use this module, you can send a message on Windows. Some kind of programming language has already been connected to the “Command Prompt” of Windows. As a result, the existing language can access edump through this module. You can download the module on the web page below.

This command of edump will work on your computer’s environment!

Bug Fixed for PHP

We found some bugs in the PHP module on edump so we already fixed them. Here are the details below.

– Some errors happened on the environments PHP 5.3 and below.

– When you use some types of objects for debugging on edump, you might see some errors.

Don’t worry because we have already fixed them and you can use edump comfortably now.

Let’s get started with edump!


A plugin of WordPress has been updated. (1.0.5)

A plugin of WordPress has been updated recently. Below are the contents.

・Fixed some bugs.

・A base jQuery has been updated to the latest version.

・The coexistence compatibility with other plugins has improved.

You can update the latest version of edump on your control panel of WordPress. We hope to improve your software development.


[ New feature ] We have released a new feature which provides a keyboard shortcut function.

edump’s new feature has been released recently. It’s a keybord function on the viewer. You will be able to use some shortcuts on the viewer and confirm how to use it on the background wall.

[ shift + r ] Reload

[ shift + c ] Clear

[ shift + ctrl ] Message Area ON/OFF

[ shift + 1 ] User Interface ON/OFF

The shortcut is very important to improve efficiency. We are going to add new features every time.

[ TIPS ] Let’s set up an efficient environment for WordPress development.

You can develop your WordPress program efficiently using edump. Usually the user needs to turn “WP_DEBUG” on for the development of WordPress Plugins and Themes as well as producing the logs and enabling other debugging software. However, There are usually some errors inside WordPress because it is complex and has a lot of features. Moreover it’s running with other plugins. Probably there are also some errors inside.

edump is providing a WordPress Plugin. After installing it, The developers will be able to get the errors inside WordPress whether “WP_DEBUG” is “on” or “off”. These are “Notifications, Warnings and Fatal Errors”. This feature will be enabled after clicking these check boxes below.

Furthermore, you will be able to use the features of edump for PHP and JavaScript. The developers don’t need to change the settings on WordPress and they will be able to use this plugin in the production stage if they encounter trouble on the blog. Let’s try this plugin with edump!

[ New feature ] edump’s viewer has been equipped with a new feature.

Hello everyone. Recently edump’s viewer has been equipped with a new feature which is switching to “Show User Interface”. You’ll be able to change the status when needed. When you use this feature, you can see more variables on the viewer. You will be able to change the status when you push “Shift + 1” on the keyboard . Pushing it everytime, showing the status of the User Interface will be changed. We hope to improve your development environment.

Some bugs have been fixed on PHP

There were a few possibilities of bugs in the PHP version of edump but we have already fixed them. If the user’s code has some conditions with edump’s module that need to be fulfilled, there might be a “Warning” notice on the PHP parser. These bugs happened on PHP only. You won’t see a similar issue in your codes on edump in the future. We hope to improve your development environment.