CommandLine edump for Windows has been developed

We received a request for developing a command line version for edump a long time ago. so we’ve developed and provided it already.

When you use this module, you can send a message on Windows. Some kind of programming language has already been connected to the “Command Prompt” of Windows. As a result, the existing language can access edump through this module. You can download the module on the web page below.

This command of edump will work on your computer’s environment!

Bug Fixed for PHP

We found some bugs in the PHP module on edump so we already fixed them. Here are the details below.

– Some errors happened on the environments PHP 5.3 and below.

– When you use some types of objects for debugging on edump, you might see some errors.

Don’t worry because we have already fixed them and you can use edump comfortably now.

Let’s get started with edump!


A plugin of WordPress has been updated. (1.0.5)

A plugin of WordPress has been updated recently. Below are the contents.

・Fixed some bugs.

・A base jQuery has been updated to the latest version.

・The coexistence compatibility with other plugins has improved.

You can update the latest version of edump on your control panel of WordPress. We hope to improve your software development.